Buy individual classes that feature special guests like Tom Adams, Kristin Scott Benson, and much more.

The Single String Master Class

The Single String Master Class (SSMC) is designed to put you on the path to mastering single string techniques on blu...

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Beyond Technique | Functional Anatomy to Release Tension and Improve Your Playing

Your technique, timing, and rhythm all matter, but how you feel when you play - how capable your body is to carry out...

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Linear Melodic Playing with Ryan Cavanaugh

A 60 minute recorded lesson about Linear Melodic Style with master banjo player Ryan Cavanaugh.

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Up the Neck Backup feat. Kristin Scott Benson (Recording)

A 75-minute workshop with Kristin Scott Benson - Winner of the 2018 Steve Martin Award.  

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The Scruggs Backup Seminar

The recording of the 2 hour Backup Seminar with Kristin Scott Benson, Tom Adams, and Wes Corbett. Hosted by Bennett ...

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Master Class Bundle

Get all 5 Master Classes for $67! Beginner's Master Class Melodification Master Class Single String Master ...

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The Listen & Learn Method

A combination of tab and ear training to help you become a better by-ear player. If you are a beginner/intermediate p...

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Learning by Ear LIVE

A starter course for getting off tab, learning vocal and fiddle tunes by ear, and how to practice with the metro...

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The Beginners Master Class

The Beginner's Master Class is for beginners who want to build a strong, successful foundation for playing bluegrass ...

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Melodification Master Class

Melodification Masterclass (MMC) is designed to help you become a better melodic-style banjo player and teach you how...

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