Never Rely on Tab Again.

Your questions answered every month in a live Master Class

Plus 130 video lessons, 45 rhythm tracks, Beyond Technique, the Listen & Learn Method Package, and much more.

Inside A Membership.

At the core of your BBE membership is the monthly master class hosted by Bennett Sullivan, professional banjoist, creator of Banjo By Ear and Co-Founder of Tunefox. 
Beyond having all your banjo-related questions answered each month you'll get 130 archived lessons, 45 rhythm tracks, featured surprise guests, all replays, master class audio files to listen on the go, and time codes to find answers to previously asked questions - all for $4.99.

Surprise Guest Teachers.

Show up for the monthly Q+A and you may find Tom Adams, Kristen Scott Benson, Mike Munford, or another pro player there to give you their expert perspective.
If there is a trend in the questions one month we'll specifically find a player who is a master in that area to answer them.

Access Anywhere + Anytime.

Each live Q+A is recorded and posted in the member's area within 24 hours so no need to worry if you can't join live.
Replays are available 24/7 and accessible from any device with wifi.
Watch the video replay or just listen to the audio if you're on the go - both options are available.

Guaranteed Answers to Your Questions.

We've structured the calls so that everyone's questions get an answer.
A week before each call you'll receive a reminder email to submit your questions. Every question submitted by the deadline - 4 days prior to each call - will be answered as long as it hasn't been previously answered. A glossary of previously asked questions will be available in the member's area with timestamps so you know exactly where to find the answer you're looking for.
The most valuable aspect of the group format is that you'll learn not only from the q's you ask, but everyone else's as well.

"You have put together the best training website...thank you for all the hard work you put into it!"

Don C.
Banjo by Ear Member

"I continually go back to the Master Classes and re-listen to them. They are so dense that I always pick up new bits, or if it's been a while my perspective has changed and there is more to mine. They are solid gold."

Jason B.
Banjo by Ear Member

"I thought the Backup Seminar was one of the most useful sessions that I've participated in. This class was very affirming to me that I'm on the right track. you've got me on the right track. Just a great session. You are dong a good thing here brother. Thank you a ton."

Bob W.
Banjo by Ear Member

"Bennett, thanks for the tremendous backup webinar. The presenters were excellent. Having 3 different approaches was fantastic. I did enjoy how Kristin’s lesson led right into Tom’s and complimented each other. Like you I was very interested in Kristin's level 1, 2 and 3 idea. For me she hit the nail on the head."

Barry B.
Banjo by Ear Member

Workshop Recordings and Classes

Here are workshops that I've done with other artists and on specific topics that you can buy separate from the monthly membership.

Q&A Highlights

Here are a few clips from previous live Q&A calls with Banjo by Ear members.


Questions and Time Codes:

0:04 - Beginner's daily practice routine using Banjo by Ear and incorporating TuneFox.

3:15 - Insight on the process of transcribing a banjo tune. Where to start? How to figure out someone's fingering and picking pattern. Is transcribing a song even a useful activity? Is there a structured method that breaks it down somehow

5:32 - Is there a process you can recommend to learn how to naturally work melodic scale fragments into my playing?

8:53 - Could you demonstrate the use of 6ths with roll patters and give a couple examples for a standard I, IV, V progression improvisational break?

13:06 - Can you talk a little about playing “bluesy” out of the C form?



Frequently Asked Questions

The core of the membership is the monthly live Q+A where you can ask all your banjo related questions.

Occasionally guest experts will join us live to answer your questions along with Bennett.

Beyond that you also have access to every previous Q+A (whether you were a member when it happened or not), a lesson library of exactly 130 lessons, a backing track library, and the facebook community to share progress and connect with other players. 

Great question! 

All the Q+A's are recorded and emailed out within 24 hours after the call. You can still submit all your questions and they will be answered.

Every member will have access to all the Q+A replays so you can watch anytime your schedule allows. 

To submit your questions you'll use this link.

Every member will receive a reminder email 7 days before the call and again 4 days before the live call. The deadline to submit your questions is 4 days before the live Q+A.

All questions must be submitted through the form above. 

Questions submitted directly through email or on facebook will not be answered. The less time spent finding + organizing all the questions, the more time put towards answering them.

Not at all. You can ask anything related to your playing. 

Questions about tab will be redirected and answered from a learning by ear perspective. 

Exactly 130. Hours of lessons for you to dive into whenever you'd like.

Categories included:

  • Starting from Scratch,
  • Crash Course,
  • Theory,
  • Technique
  • Repertoire
  • Rhythm Tracks

The trial period is 7 days. 

You will only be charged after the 7 days are up and you will be sent a reminder email before you are charged in case you decide to unsubscribe. 

To log in to your account, go here and use the email address that you signed up with and your password. If you don't know the email address you signed up with, check your inbox for a confirmation email from

To reset your password, enter your account's email address on this page to be sent a reset password email.

To cancel your account, log in to Banjo by Ear and go to your profile. This button is in the top right corner of the Library page. Go to Settings and find the heading that says "My Subscriptions." You can cancel your account there. If you have trouble finding it, send an email to

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