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Learn theory, repertoire, technique, and beginner skills for only $5 a month.


My name is Bennett Sullivan and I'm a banjo player and creator residing in North Carolina. Thanks for visiting Banjo by Ear!

I created this site because I believe learning by ear is the best way to learn banjo. 

For me, learning music from recordings was a complete game-changer. It allowed me to memorize tunes quicker, be able to jam on the fly, and understand how to improvise.


Learning by ear gave me an understanding of music that far surpassed anything I was working on with tab, which is what I started with with little success.

I want to share these tools and tricks with you and they're all within Banjo by Ear. Try it out with a free trial and please let me know if you have any questions! 

Happy picking,


"It just all makes sense to me. I’m very happy with what I’ve learned and I love “hearing”. You’ve given me direction and now all I have to do is put in the effort. Thank you so much for sharing."

Murray P.
Basic Member

"As a beginner, I thought the Master Classes on the Premium Plan would be way beyond what I could use. But, as it turns out, they give you something to shoot for. Really a great resource."

Maddie E.
Premium Member

"I have studied books for years but knew my foundation was really shaky! Now I am studying and practicing the first 3 lessons almost every day. Can hardly wait to move on to the next lessons but I know I can take my time and feel a lot more confident learning my awesome banjo. Thank you!"

Carol G.
Basic Member

"Love the membership and the FB group even more than I thought I would. The metronome challenge was very important to me as I wasn’t aware in the slightest that my timing could be off…and was I surprised! Now the metronome is included in each and every practice session and I am seeing great strides."

Mike V.
Basic Member

"I continually go back to the Master Classes and re-listen to them. They are so dense that I always pick up new bits, or if it's been a while my perspective has changed and there is more to mine. They are solid gold."

Jason B.
Premium Member

"These master classes are gold mines of info and so inspiring. Plus, the site is so badass."

Jordan R.
Premium Member

What's under the hood?

Here's what you get with a Banjo by Ear membership:

Over 100 Video Lessons

Unlock a library of video lessons to guide your practice and challenge you to master new skills. You decide when and where you want to practice and how much to push yourself.

Two new lessons added every month plus, request new lessons easily right from inside the site.

25% Off Tunefox

Get the ultimate learning package with both Banjo by Ear and Tunefox subscriptions! 

Tunefox is a learning tool I co-created that teaches how to play licks in the context of tunes, so you can become a better improvisor and tunesmith! 

Private Members Community

The place where our members get the most value from their subscription! Get real-time feedback, ask questions on everything from technique to banjo set up and more. It's a forum for you to get answers, connect with the community and share the fun of playing banjo!

Membership Options

Banjo by Ear is split up into two membership options:




Lesson Library - Two new lessons added every month

Beginners Essentials - Starting from the beginning? We got you covered.

Private Facebook Group - Share your progress and get unique feedback 

Tunefox - Get 25% off the Tunefox App

Try it out!




You get everything in the Basic Membership, plus...

A 60-minute live Masterclass every month. Brand new topic each month.

The Scruggs Backup Seminar - A 2 hour class recording featuring Tom Adams, Kristin Scott Benson, and Wes Corbett

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